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Legal services for ISO certifications are provided by SPR through its associate company ENLACE S.A. Especialistas en Legislación Ambiental y Consultores S.A. (Specialists in Environmental Legislation and Consulting, Shareholding Company)

Virtual Legislation Services are applied to the Environmental Management Systems (ISO:14001), Quality (ISO:9001), Food Security (HACCP), Occupational Health (OSHA18000), Social Security Liabilities (SA8000), and Agricultural Certification (EUREP-GAP).

On-line advice is available on matters such as identification and update of applicable legislation. The advice is specific, and applicable to the characteristics of the production processes of our clients. Said advice is available at the ENLACE S.A. site, www.enlace-cri.com

Consultants generally make a visit to the pertinent production processes. The applicable legislation is identified from the point of view of the certification (we are auditors) and all the applicable legislation is recorded on an interactive matrix with its own database, all in digital format, accessible 24 hours a day.

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