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 About Us |

SPR is a Costa Rican corporation designed to provide our clients with integrated, interdisciplinary legal services.

We offer the vast experience of our partners and associates, who are specialists in the following fields: Commercial and Corporate Law, Public Law, Administrative Law, Aeronautics and Maritime Law, Labor Law, Trademark and Product Registry, International Business, Tributary (Tax) Law and Mergers and Acquisitions.

Such experience has been obtained through years of successful professional practice, both individually and collectively, while working under the concept of fusion of specializations.


Generate a new offer establishing a difference of legal services integrated with related services which will generate added value to our clients, such as human resources, outsourcing, international businesses and regional coordination of legal services.

OUR MISSION is oriented to:

  • To offer the client a service in which the values and the ethics in the businesses prevail.
  • To offer a differentiated and new service, with specialists in the different legal disciplines.
  • To offer the client different options for regional legal services, coordinated from Costa Rica .
  • To generate long-term and trustworthy relations with our clients.


  • Loyalty to the client.
  • Excellence in the service.
  • Credibility and confidence in our performances.

Tel. +(506) 220-0306 Fax. +(506) 232-6884 P.O. Box. 98-1260 E-mail: spr@spr-corp.com
Courrier: Sabana Oeste, del Balcon Verde 200 metros al norte y 50 metros al oeste. San Jose, Costa Rica.