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Our specialized personnel, with over 10 years of experience, offer advice regarding the procedures to apply for residency in our country, in any of the different categories.


a) Spontaneous, called or assisted immigrants

b) Pensioners or those who live on interests of bonds, shares, etc.

c) Investors

d) Relatives of a Costa Rican citizen, such as spouse, parents, children and single siblings


a) Professional scientists, technicians or specialized personnel, hired by established companies or institutions that function in the country, to perform work in the field of their specialty

b) Entrepreneurs, businessmen and management personnel for national or foreign companies

c) Students

d) Missionaries dedicated to the activities pertaining to their religion or to teaching

e) Political asylum and refugees

f) Spouses and minor children of all of the above

More over, we offer advice on procedures to apply for restricted visas (Cubans, Asians, Haitians, etc.), multiple entry visas, temporary work permits for domestic help, student visas, tourist visa renewals, permits for minors to leave the country, and all other procedures pertaining to migration and immigration.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In order to apply for residency, it is necessary to have a birth certificate, police record, and marriage certificate properly legalized by the Costa Rican Consulate at the country of origin of the applicant.

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