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 Intellectual Property |

SPR offers, through its Intellectual Property Department, several services not only in Costa Rica , but also in Central America and the Caribbean .

We offer the following services:

•  Registration of:

  • Trademarks
  • Commerce brands
  • Services brands
  • Commercial names
  • Commercial signs
  • Denominations of origin
  • Denominations of departure

•  Registration of invention patents

  • Industrial models
  • Commercial secrets

•  Registration of author rights

  • Artistic works
  • Computer programs and databases
  • Theater plays and movies
  • Phonograms

Litigation: Our Intellectual Property Department also offers specialization in litigation related to intellectual property, including litigation that occurs in administrative processes, as well as in trial courts and the Registration Management Court of Costa Rica. We also handle complaints about unfair competition and transgressions related to intellectual property.

Tel. +(506) 220-0306 Fax. +(506) 232-6884 P.O. Box. 98-1260 E-mail: spr@spr-corp.com
Courrier: Sabana Oeste, del Balcon Verde 200 metros al norte y 50 metros al oeste. San Jose, Costa Rica.